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22 April 2020 @ 12:00 am
I'm going to try and stickymark this so I don't have to make frequent updates to this effect.

These days, my journal is mostly friends only. I do this mainly to keep my professional life securely separated from my livejournal. If you'd like to be friends though, feel free to leave a comment saying where we met and I'll add you right back! :) We should note here that while I make an effort to read everything, I can't always comment. In addition, I'm more likely to comment oodles on your journal if I note you're doing similarly on mine - to maintain the connection!

There are no more filters on my journal. As for your filters, I like to read anything you enjoy sharing as long as it's not about cats. 

ETA 05/17/11: While I'm here, I always welcome friends other places as well! :D You can find me on deviantart, tumblr and twitter Some of these accounts are quite old and tedious and I just cannot recommend them.

I am a happy college student at DePaul University. I study Economics and International Studies. I work two jobs, one of them performing dialogues for students. It's fun. I think about identity a lot. I'm a sophomore-junior. I have a boyfriend and he is excellent. I identify as a queer atheist female. That is pretty much it. 
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09 June 2014 @ 07:51 pm

I'm experimenting with using lj again. I'm on the mobile app so forgive the many silly mistakes there will likely be.


I figure the best way to start is maybe a 20 sec clip for each of the major areas of my life. I know it has been an awful long time.


say aye if you're still here




school: graduated uni with a degree in economics this past december. commencement ceremony is this sunday. I stopped enjoying the major about half way in. I knew for sure it wasn't what I wanted anymore when I had a year left. I was simultaneously becoming more involved in both higher ed administration and (digital) cultural analysis fields. I had a fellowship in the former with some crazy internships and some major independent research projects in the latter.  I'm starting a master's program in higher ed in the fall, and I will have an assistantship working with the schools leadership department.


work: have worked at this one law firm for a long damn time now. started clerical, now do all of their marketing and a lot of the account collections. I've also had numerous jobs at the uni ranging from teaching to program assessment to mentoring to dialogue facilitation. working an awful job at cps right now.


internal: I'm so embarrassed of who I once was. I've become heavily involved in social justice work and it's an indisputable part of who I am now. I'm on tumblr. I've become a rather big comic book nut. I still play video games and love absurd movies. the part that excites me the most about doing higher ed professionally is the opportunity to take free courses in all sorts of interdisciplinary areas. I can't be nailed down to one thing for long.


love: I think my last real posts happened in the beginning of my relationship with kevin. we are still happily together 3 years later and are in a good place. however, these past 3 years have been a roller coaster for my sexual identity. being out and queer. being in *another* relationship with a straight dude. we have experimented with some unique forms of nonmonogamy. it has had ups and downs. but things are getting more stable, not less, with time.


anything else...?

02 October 2012 @ 02:11 pm
purple pants, screamin jay hawkins, and combat boots
06 June 2012 @ 06:34 pm
anyone willing to read my 15 page paper and check that it's not too lame? probably tonight or tomorrow night. if you're interested in issues surrounding music, record labels, and piracy, it may be interesting to you!
29 March 2012 @ 06:32 pm

1) in law and economics, I'm going to conduct far too brief of an investigation on the impact of new royalty/artist payment systems on the market for music.
2) in one international studies class, I'm going to be field-investigating two of the following causes depending on what is most active:
- rights & resources for people with disabilities in chicago
- provision of a substance-free arts environment for Chicago youth
- youth immigrant-rights groups
that class is still pretty vague.
3) in the other international studies class, I'm examining the development of mp3s as a commodity- how they have become popular, how much of the total market share they have, etc. i might try using itunes as my window into this, even though obviously the mp3 market is much bigger and more complicated than that.
4) in my honors modern interdisciplinary arts class I'm preparing a speech/class discussion about gertrude stein and what she has accomplished for the arts community, especially picasso. this is probably the most lame one, but its still cool. the class is pretty bad so far though, despite the material being ace. basically though this quarter is about kicking ass and studying things i actually want to
5) in my cqm class i am constructing a syllabus which i will use in my class next quarter. there will also be a presentation about one of the lessons. this ones kind of fuzzy. 
6) i am going to be reading a book about diversity and privilege for my training in my diversity job. its my second time through but some of the material is different and the way that i connect with it will be veryyyy different.
7) i continue to work at the law firm, but thats mostly data entry and holepunching so... im finding that despite the fact that the work is getting shittier im starting to have a sentimental attachment to them. ive been working there almost a year now.
8) its my birthday month! i will be getting tapas for the first time ever and then having a party after. we will see how that goes...
9) Kevin has multiple shows this month i will be attending, which is pretty exciting. i plan on helping them to book shows pretty soon.
10) im going to a screening of the next ted conference with kevin. my law & econ prof has advertized it as an excellent networking opportunity and im hoping kevin and i will both meet some good people for our respective interests
11) beach weather is coming in chicago and for the first time in my life im actually excited for it
12) ive been playing mass effect 2 and it is consuming my soullll
13) i am working on finding a not shitty apartment to share with erin (current roommate) and alli (long time close friend from suburbs)
14) i continue facilitating workshops
15) trying to gain momentum on both projects i mentioned before - business english to immigrants & highschool lgbtq outreach. its tough because the people im working with on both are being flakey.
16) did i mention i am seeing phillip glass this sunday? eee! im also attending my very first comic con soon, which im super excited for.
17) finally officially out of the teens this month.
18) deciding if i want to use my end of the semester extra wad of cash for a) a kitty to keep me company but would possibly become more interested in my roommates since theyre home more b) a motorcycle to occasionally ease my transport woes and make me feel like a bad ass c) a bunch of swag shit for my apartment d) being responsible and paying off some student loans i guess :(
19) kevin and i have been unofficially seeing each other for over a year now,  though we passed our ~official~ six month in february. its going really well. we are building a fort tomorrow night, which will be swank.
20) i am growing.

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23 February 2012 @ 11:47 am

i guess i am doing a lot of cool things right now. here are some of them:


1. just finished reapplying to be a peer facilitator in the office of diversity ed again. this job has helped me grow so much. i am excited to go through training again from a whole new perspective.


i also just had sort of a "break through" workshop. theres a very common attitude at depaul of "i dont care if youre white brown black blue or green i love all ya guys" which is very problematic for a number reasons on its own, but on top of that its often expressed by white people who dont like to acknowledge their whiteness because they dont want to be associated with whiteness. i always feel bad because when people make statements like these i know their heart is in the right place but i never really show them why its fucked up- i just sort of passively poke at them and then move on, which i know makes the other-identifying people in the class feel uncomfortable and discouraged.
today i finally broke through and confronted someone on it. she was saying that on tests etc she never marks her race as white because she feels white gives an image of a rich upper class white person and associates her with privilege she didnt have as a lower class person.
basically i explained how i grew up lower class in a latino neighborhood and a latino neighborhood and i had every opportunity to claim what she does, but i dont, because my whiteness still means something regardless of my class. people assume im higher class than i am because im ewhite, which has its advantages. people see my name and know im white. people in power can relate to me more because im white like them. etc etc. thats something that i cant opt out of, no matter if i wanted to or not. its privilege i didnt do anything for, but own, and i have to own up to that.
i got progressively red in the face as i went on but i could see people of all races nodding in agreement and my cf was smiling all thankful and encouraging.


it was just good to finally use my story in a productive way like that. idk.


2. i also have an interview monday for a teachers aid/peer mentor position in a class for incoming freshmen. i feel confident that i will get it and im pretty excited. for my interview i have to give a 5 minute "teach" on something i know a lot about. i think im going to do pizza economics and talk about the law of diminishing  returns and a basic supply/demand graph. hopefully it will go well.


3. ive been working slowly on a project with the lgtbtq community and i think ima speed it up. basically itd be a student org about demystifying da gay. we would have booths on campus called like "ask a...." and then whatever we identify as. maybe have some big events. the ultimate goal would be to get into high schools to talk about lgbtq stuff. it would be a service/outreach kind of thing. i had someone else working on it with me but he seems to have fizzled out into his own thing unfortunately... so its all on me now. but ima do some more stuff next week.


4. for INT we have to do a paper about a postcolonialist intervention. im going to talk about puerto rico, which is still a colony. basically im looking at the development of puerto rican identity throughout colonial and migrational stages with special use of the diaspora and circular migration to argue that transnationalism isnt so big a deal. ive read so many books already and its crazy. have to start organizing my info. the neighborhood of chicago i live in has a strong puerto rican population. lots of puerto rican flags etc... id love to talk to some locals abou my project and get their perspective - a real perspective and not just a book perspective - but i dont really know how to bring that up... "oh hai i notice youre puerto rican.. wanna talk about it?"
so instead i may talk to some puerto rican teachers at depaul. its not what i want but its somethimg.


5. i used to participate in a program called intercambio. basically a foreign language exchange- depaul students spoke all spanish, recent immigrants spoke all english. im considering starting a program with a friend at the same location... he studies accounting finance and real estate, i study economics and statistics and things. the idea is we would go in and talk about basic business concepts- supply and demand, simple accounting, etc. we would do it using spanish and english both- starting the class with vocab for the lesson then teaching the concept. the idea is that immigrants often get trapped from ever getting promotions etc because if they know any english its colloquial english and they cant talk about the more advanced concepts for business/etc even if they understand them- they just dont have the words to talk about them. also a huge percentage of new business in this country are started by immigrants.. so these concepts are just good to know!


it will be a lot of work, but maybe if i can get my friend to commit with me we can have it up and running by next year.

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30 January 2012 @ 01:11 am
16 January 2012 @ 09:51 am
pretty much one of the most important weekends of my life just occurred. maybe more on this later.
14 December 2011 @ 07:16 pm
I know on ama and possibly some private journals people have mentioned this reliable website that does relatively cheap prints - jog my memory?
12 December 2011 @ 08:03 pm
Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]


I celebrate "Winter Holiday" otherwise known as "sometime during winter (late october through february) I may or may not surprise you with a random gift that for some reason made me think of you" but I'm down to visit upon other people's celebrations too.